Dress Like A Lady: Bridgerton The Drama Inspiration

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Bridgerton has become one of my favorite drama lately and I am sure, I am not the only one. There are so many reasons why Bridgerton has become popular. It's entertaining, representative of different society, giving us many ideas of conflicts and description of the era, and last but not least, spoil our eyes with so many gorgeous dresses. The characters of the movie played by some great actors like Phoebe Dynevor, Rege Jean Page, Jonathan Bailey, Golda Rosheuvel, Ruth Gemmel, Adjoa Andoh, Simone Ashley, Nicola Coughland, and many more.

Bridgerton is a TV drama based on the novel of The Duke and I (Julia Quinn) published on 2020. This novel tells us about the story of Regency era in the matchmaking season. The struggle of finding the best wife/husband. With the combination of romance, drama, and intrigue no wonder Bridgerton has become so popular and catch many viewers across the globe. 

Another reasons why Bridgerton has become popular at least for me is the dresses. The dresses, the costumes, the gown has blown me away. Not only so gorgeous but also elegant and accentuate the beauty of the character itself. For examples are Lady Danburry with her silver gown and Queen Charlotte with her yellow gown. Their gown are successfully show the strong and elegant of the characters in every scene. 

Ellen Mirojnick, the designer of the costume for the season one created hundreds and even thousands of costumes for the series. Inspired by the show of Christian Dior and the painting of 18 century, Ellen succeed to create the costumes based on the character of the drama. Like The Bridgerton ladies with their elegant dresses or The Featherington ladies with their bold and colorful dresses.

Dress Like A Lady, Bridgerton The Drama Inspiration

Have you imagine wearing those kind of dresses for a party or even daily activity? I have...

After watching the drama, I can't stop thinking how to dress like a lady like The Bridgerton does. No matter how they look, they look stunning wearing those dresses. Even the tacky ones.

But wearing those like everyday with those kind of corsets? I can't even imagine how hard it be.

And after some researches, here are some tips to dress like a lady in Bridgerton but in an easy yet comfy way:

1. Choose Well-Fitting Clothes

If you want to improve the way you dress, choose the clothes or the dresses that fit right on your body. Not too big, either too small. Avoid to wear the too tight ones as well. It will make you looks unaesthetic.

2. Choose The Right Colors

As you can see in the Bridgerton, the color succeed to define the character of the player. The Bridgerton family who known as the Viscount family wearing dresses with some soft color like pastel, silver, or soft green. 

It shows us the choosing of the right color will instantly improve our look. And please do not forget to choose the color of your dresses based on the occasion as well.

3. Show Your Best Feature

Wearing the perfect dress based on the shape our body will accentuate our best feature instantly. It also will make us look proportional and stand out. 


4. Choose The Right Wholesale Waist Trainers

As you can see, in Bridgerton, Daphne, Penelope, and Kate Sharma has their own type of body. But they look gorgeous yet sexy while wearing dresses, daily dresses and even ball gown. 

It looks painful, huh?

And they have the same secret how to look so sexy. Yes, they wear the corsets to support and shape their body.

Don't worry. If you wanna wear the corsetsf for daily activity, choose the right yet comfy ones like Wholesale Waist Trainers 

The right wholesale waist trainers will give us a flattering figure instantly.


Choose the breathable fabric and the comfortable ones based on your body type. It will help us create the appearance of a slimmer and more hour-glass body shape.

5. Wear The Right  Seamless Body Shaper

Don't be afraid of wearing a beautiful dresses because you think you are too fat or too thin. You can choose and wear the right body shaper to accentuate your beauty as well.

Seamless Body Shaper will  lift your part of the body perfectly in a minute and break your entire outfit instantly. It also flatten your belly and provide a smooth layout of the arms.


Choose the breathable and soft fabric. And please make sure the body shaper you buy is perfect for all occasion and season. Do not forget to choose the right color based on your dress and your skin-tone.

Dress like a lady in Bridgerton the drama for a party?

It's  so much possible...

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