Choose The Perfect Dress

As a woman, having a gorgeous, yet sexy look while wearing dresses is a must. It's not only make us more beautiful but also increase our confidence in one step.
There are many options of dresses for women. When it comes to finding a dress, the option for us is endless. Ballgown, midi dress, mini dress, A-line dress, halter dress, wrap dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, mermaid dress, and last but not least is lounge maxi dresses.
In fact, for some women, wearing the wrong dresses can be a nightmare. Make them down hard and blame their self for not choosing the right one that will fit perfectly on their body.
Here are some tips how to choose the right dress for us:
1. Know Your Body Shape
The human body comes in many different shape such as the hourglass shape, the pear shape, the rectangle shape, the inverted triangle shape, the apple shape.
So, before buying the dress, the first thing that you must do is knowing your type of body shape.

To begin specifying your body shape, you can do these simple step like stand in front of a full-size mirror with no clothes on or you can just wear short sleeve thong bodysuit to make it easier and even faster. After that, make some initial inspections through the mirror and you can determine what body type you might be.
2. Know Your Size
The tips no 2 is Know Your Size. It sounds simple but it is a defining factor to find the right dress for you and your body shape. You might try the dresses on to find the one suit on you perfectly by your size.


But if you such an online shopper, be sure to know what your real size and follow the measuring tips on the size guide. Or you can ask them how to measure your size with your dream dress before purchasing it.

3. Choose The Right Color
Beside the size and model of the dresses, choosing the right color based on our skin is another key to make us more stunning while wearing dresses.
For example, bright colors tend to wash out light skin, while dark colors might not pop on darker skin.
4. Choose the Right Dress for any Occasion
The dress you wear represent your image as well. So you must choose the right dress for any occasion. It also be the first impression and gives us the large impact to other people.
Even some of the dresses are not appropriate for some kind of occasion.
For example, if you will attend the wedding party, please not wearing a ballgown in order to not stealing the spotlight from the bride.
If you will attend to cocktail or an evening party, it is okay to wear some kind of body shaping dresses to pop your body shape.
5. Set Your Budget
By setting a budget, it will assist you narrowing down your options and alternatives.

In otherwise, if you wanna save your money more, you can use the store discount or coupon. 

Some website store offers many discount for special occasion like christmast, new year, or year end sale.

It can helps you to save your money or giving you more budget to buy another dress for your collection.

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