Choosing the Right Shapewear for Women

Having a good, yet perfect shape is one of our dreams. Women are willing to do many ways to get there through sports, diet, buying products, etc. It takes a very long time and much money also.
But, there is a simple way to have a good body shape instantly by choosing and using the right shapewear. Yup, choosing the right shapewear for our tummy or body, will give us an instantly perfect body shape indeed.

For you who doesn’t know, shapewear has been around for a very long time. In fact, traditional shapewear was a perfect solution for women to go to the event like balls, wedding, etc. No matter how hurt or how uncomfortbale it was. Lucky us, shapewear has been transformation with the technology. Shapewear now is more comfortable to wear for hours or even daily.

Choosing the right shapewear can be tricky. So that, we must recognize our body shape first.Usually, a body shape determined by bone tsructure, genes, age, fat, and muscle.
There are some well known and familiar types of body shape like:
  • Apple body shape: This kind of body shape usually has a larger bust compared to hip section, s smaller hip, slimmer leg, an undefined waist, and round shoulders. 
  • Pear body shape: This kind of body shape has a large hips with a tiny bust.
  • Hourglass body shape: This kind of body shape also well known as a perfect body shape. It has a well balance between the buttocks and bust line and a well defined waist. The legs also have a right proportion with the upper body.
  • Rectangle body shape: This kind of body shape has the same measurement for all sections of the body and popularly known as the model body. The body tends to look straight and skinny. -
  • Inverted Triangle body shape: This kind of body shape has a small hips, slender legs, and broad shoulder. The upper body is voluminous. It usually known as an upside down triangle body shape.
After knowing our body shape, it easier to choose the shapewear that will fit to our body. There are some kind of shapewears you must recognize first, such as: long torso (good for apple, hour glass, inverted triangle, and pear body shape), high waist shape pant (good for rectangle and inverted triangle body shape), shape vest (good for rectangle, apple, and pear body shape), waist nipper (good for hourglass, apple, and pear body shape).
After knowing your body shape, it will easier for you to choose the right shapewear. As I mentioned before, finding the best shapewear for tummy and waist is not easy and can be tricky. A good and convenient shapewear not only keep you comfy and warm through out the day or night, but will also make you look like a diva in a perfect shape.
So, it would be nice to have a good brand which has quality and also many options for us like Sculptshe.

There are some reasons why you should choose Sculptshe to help you more confident and look faboulous: 
  1. It helps you to live a stress free life.
  2. It has an adjustable straps. So, it easy for you to rearrange the shapewear according to our body.
  3. The materials are top-grade, breathable, non-irritable, and skin friendly.
  4. Hight quality yet affordable!
  5. It has durable closures, YKK zippers, and Velcro.
  6. Helps you to have an hourglass figure in an easy way.

And if you think body shapewear is not enough yet, you should try Sculptshe thong shapewear bodysuit. Especially for you big or special day. It defines the shape of your body and helps you to fit into any special dress on your special day.
So, have you decided which shapewear you'll wear for your special day? 

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